Private Lessons

Interested in getting some one-on-one Murphy Method instruction? There's nothing like sitting face-to-face with a teacher to jump-start your learning process. Both Murphy and Casey offer private lessons in Winchester, Va., and would be happy to schedule some time. If you are local, you can sign up for weekly lessons; if you are just passing through, both will be glad to schedule an hour or two (or more) while you are in town. They can troubleshoot your playing, give you feedback on how you're doing, get you past a learning roadblock, or help develop a lesson plan for you to follow as you progress through the DVDs. Please email us for more info and scheduling:

Recently, Murphy has had quite a few people coming for marathon banjo lessons, as she calls them. They'll drive in from some far-away place, like North Carolina, stay in Winchester for the weekend, and get three or four hours of lessons each day. It's like your own personal banjo workshop. A student can make a lot of progress in two days, and get enough material to work on for a few months. There's nothing better for your playing than sitting in front of a teacher and getting one-on-one critiques. You can set up these lessons by phone (800-227-2357) or by email:

Webcam Lessons: Casey and Murphy Henry both offer webcam banjo lessons to students anywhere in the world. If you have Skype and a banjo that's all you need! For lessons with Murphy, email her directly at

All the details and scheduling information for Casey's lessons is on her website (click here). Or email Casey at:

Christopher Henry teaches in Nashville, Tenn., and also offers webcam lessons on guitar and mandolin. All inquiries and scheduling questions should go to him at