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Half-Price DVD of the Month:
Learning To Hear Chord Changes (For All Instruments)

Does vamping mystify you? Do you know when to change chords, and which chord to change to? Hearing chord changes is a foundational skill for banjo playing and you CAN learn it! Murphy takes you through the process, starting with two-chord songs, working up to three-chords, and even four-chords, in easy to follow, by-ear instruction. On sale this month for $14.98. Watch a sample and order it here.

Beginner's Corner monthly zoom workshops. The next best thing to live lessons

Dive Into New Beginning Banjo 3 This Winter

Casey Henry teaches a monthly workshop examining each tune from the Beginning Banjo series. Learn the tune from the video, then in class you will work with in many different ways to help you internalize it. Casey will show you how to practice the tune to get it in your head and in your fingers, highlight typical problem areas, and focus on transitioning from the vamp back into the break. Each month is stand-alone, so you can jump in at any time. Past workshop videos also available. See the schedule and sign up here.

When my Momma Sang To Me DVD cover

Brand New CD:
When My Momma Sang To Me - Songs of Murphy Hicks Henry

Christopher Henry produced this very special project in honor of Murphy's 70th birthday this year. An all-star cast of women in bluegrass performs Murphy's catalog of songs, with a special appearance from Murphy herself.  Order it here.

New Instrument? Start Out Right!


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Which DVD Comes Next?

We've recently updated our recommended song order for all levels of our DVDs. Because our method and material were developed over many years, we've found better ways to teach now than just plowing straight through each DVD. Take a minute to look over our ideal order for learning at every level. These are for the original releases of the DVDs. If you have NEW Beginning Banjo 1, 2, and 3 just go straight through, and don't stray from the path!

Beginning Banjo Track

Intermediate Banjo Track

Advanced Banjo Track Part 1

Advanced Banjo Track Part 2

News and Notes

Murphy Method Banjo Camps Dates:
We hold our camps in Winchester, Va. Murphy and Casey Henry will be your teachers. To see details visit our camps page.

Intermediate Banjo Camp - April 21-23, 2023

Women's Banjo Camp - July 28-30, 2023

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