Stelling Banjos

Stelling Banjo picture

Stelling Banjos: Worth the Wait! I’m hooked on Stellings! I got my second Stelling banjo, the Murphy Flower, several years ago, and I like it better each time I play it. Like me (she said, tongue in cheek) it gets better with age!

The Murphy Flower is actually a slightly modified Master Flower. I asked Geoff to make my banjo with an arched fingerboard and a slightly smaller neck.

Each banjo that comes out of the Stelling workshop is carefully hand-crafted by Geoff and his workers and takes about four months to complete. But when it’s done, you’ll have the banjo you’ve been longing for. Geoff personally sets up every banjo that comes out of his shop, and he is a master at banjo setup. And the thing I like best about Stellings is that they play in tune all the way up the neck!

25% Discount

If you want your own Stelling (maybe even a Murphy Flower!), call us today. We offer a 25% discount to Murphy Method students. Stelling banjos: worth the wait!