Custom Banjo Lessons

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Is there a particular song you've always wanted to learn? If you can't find it on one of our DVDs, we offer custom banjo lessons on DVD/download, arranged on an individual basis. On the banjo Casey Henry can teach pretty much any songs you want, the Murphy Method way (note-by-note, no tab). If it's not a song she knows, you can send her a CD and she'll figure it out and teach it for you. She records these lessons at home on her computer, so the production quality is not as high as for our regular DVDs, but the instruction quality is the same! For a single break to most traditional bluegrass songs, the price is $70 (more if it's a particluarly long or hard tune or not bluegrass), arranged with Casey on an individual basis. For more info and to request a song email:

Please note that these are meant to be supplementary to our regular Murphy Method DVD lessons. You still need to go through all the regular lessons in order (especially if you are a beginner)!

To Order: To see the list of the banjo lessons that are currently available, click through to Casey Henry's website. Price is $30 each. Questions? Email