Murphy Method Beginning Banjo Camp – November 5-7, 2021
Masked And Distanced

Level: Beginning
Tuition: $550 (Includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday. DOES NOT INCLUDE LODGING. See below for details.)
To Register: Print this form and mail it back.

Beginning Banjo Campers

Join us for our eleventh annual Murphy Method Beginning Banjo Camp, November 5-7, 2021, in Winchester, Virginia. A weekend of all banjo all the time is just what you need to kick your playing up to the next level! Our camp is different from any other camp you’ve gone to. It will be 100% Murphy Method instruction. We’ll do more playing, less talking, and the small class size will allow plenty of individual attention.

Murphy Henry and Casey Henry will be your instructors for this intimate camp. Our beginning camp focuses on playing with others. When you come prepared, knowing our three pre-requisite songs (see below), we can work on playing the breaks in a jam session setting, vamping to these tunes, hearing chord changes, and some basic improvising. Evenings feature instructor-led slow jams to practice what you’ve learned during the day.



You must be able to play these three tunes all the way through without stopping:
Banjo In The Hollow 
Boil Them Cabbage Down, low break
Cripple Creek (all three are on New Beginning Banjo 1)
You must know how to make G, C, and D vamp chords in the F position (also taught on New Beginning Banjo 1, as well as on Vamping: Beginning Banjo Backup) and be able to move between the three chords. (Don't worry about the D position.)


All of the above PLUS:
High Break to Boil Them Cabbage Down (It's on New Beginning Banjo 1 and Banjo for Misfits)
Vamping to all three songs (it is taught along with the songs on New Beginning Banjo 1, and on Vamping: Beginning Banjo Backup)
Blue Ridge Cabin Home from Kickstart Your Jamming

Courtyard by Marriott logoVenue and Lodging

We make our camps ones that WE would want to attend! Our camp classes and activities will be held in the conference rooms of the COURTYARD by Marriott, Winchester Medical Center, and we have arranged a special camp rate for hotel rooms. You will have access to the classrooms after hours for jamming.

COURTYARD by Marriott - Winchester Medical Center
300 Marriott Drive
Winchester, VA 22603

Call the hotel directly or use our direct event booking link (which we will post as soon as we get it) to book your room for camp. Our camp rate for 2021 is $104 + 8.8% tax. You may, of course, make other lodging arrangements.

If you have any questions at all or need more information please feel free to email Casey at


How serious are you about the pre-requisites?
We are pretty serious about them. Our camp works best if everyone is at about the same level and knows at least the same core body of songs. You’ll be able to participate more fully and easily if you can play the songs listed. Vamping is a must. Being able to play some songs all the way through is a must. We don't care about "perfect," but you need to be able to recover from your mistakes and keep going. We know you will be nervous about playing with others and in front of others and we will work on this. But we will NEVER push you to play a solo by yourself unless you want to.

Can my significant other come along?
Safety PinOf course! If your non-banjo-playing partner, friend, or relation wants to come along they are welcome. $30 will cover lunches for Saturday and Sunday and attendence at any evening activities. If they play, too, they are welcome to bring their instrument and they can join in on the jamming! Here are some things they can do in Winchester while we are busy banjoing!

When should I arrive?
We’ll start class at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, so a Friday morning arrival is fine.

When should I leave?
Classes will end at noon on Sunday, and then we serve lunch, so you can plan for a mid-day departure.

What is the closest airport?
Washington-Dulles (IAD) is about an hour drive away. Most people fly there and rent a car. Reagan National is somewhat further but still doable. And BWI is about the furthest convenient airport.

Will private lessons be available?
Murphy will be available for private lessons before the camp. These should be arranged individually with her. (Murphy:

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