Both Murphy and Casey Henry are freelance writers and music journalsits. Since 1983 Murphy has been writing a monthly column in Banjo Newsletter magazine. In late 2006 Casey took it over and continued it for several years. We have collected many of these columns on our Banjo Newsletter page. Murphy also collected the best of her columns from the first dozen years of writing for the magazine in her book ...And There You Have It! 

For several years Murphy published the Women in Bluegrass newsletter (putting her master's degree in Women's Studies to good use!). We don't have the content of these online yet, though we hope to at some point, but we have much info about his short-lived publication on our Women in Bluegrass page.

Also, Murphy, Red, and Casey Henry blog at blog.murphymethod.com occasionally and that's a great place to look for playing/learning/practicing advice and answers to your question about the DVDs. It's been going since 2008 and all the old posts are archived for you to search through to your heart's content.