Murphy And Casey Play And Sing Bluegrass Song For You - The request usually goes something like this: "I'd like to watch you and Casey pick some songs just for fun. Think you'll ever do a DVD like that?"


Our first-ever performance DVD, Murphy and Casey Play and Sing Bluegrass Songs For You, features 15 songs, a director's commentary track by Murphy, and bloopers galore. As you will see, we don't always play it right the first time! Or the second time! But we always laugh at our mistakes and try again. Recorded live in the studio with Marshall Wilborn (bass), Tom Adams (guitar), and Scott Brannon (guitar).

Question: What's a commentary track? While you are watching the songs being played on screen (at very low volume), Murphy, on a separate audio track, talks about what's going on in each song. She answers questions you might have such as: Why is one guitar capoed and the other not? Why is Casey playing banjo in open D while Murphy is capoed up two frets? How do Murphy and Casey handle the banjo backup?

Somebody Touched Me, Bury Me Beneath The Willow, M & M Blues, Leroy and Liza, Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Rocky Top, Two Dollar Bill, John Henry, Bluegrass Breakdown, Liberty, Soldier's Joy, Amazing Grace, All Of Us Used To Be Skinny, Save Me A Square On The Floor, Buffalo Gals (1 hour, 10 minutes)

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Customer Comments: "Yahoooooooooooo! It's about time that you two gals put out a DVD for those of us who love you. I have the shirt, I have 16 of your DVD/CD's and don't know what I'd do without you. I traveled all the way to the Steve Kaufman Acoustic Bluegrass Banjo Kamp in Tennessee from Oregon just to hug Murphy, saw Jens Kruger & Casey the year before....I saved my social security checks for those two experiences that I'll never forget!! ......thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" --Diana from Oregon

"DVD is AWESOME, haven't watched it all, the bloopers great. You given Marshall heck about the Bass. Wow!! So I'm not the only one. Well worth it. Excellent so far. Murphy that is perfect. Great narration!!!" --Ben from West Virginia