Scruggs-Style Fiddle Tunes - Some tunes lay out really easily on the banjo and some just don’t. These six popular fiddle and flatpicking tunes do NOT lay out particularly easily on the banjo. But over her years of teaching, Casey has developed these very playable, Scruggs-style arrangements, and her students have successfully learned them. If you jam with fiddlers or guitar and mandolin pickers who play these tunes you need this DVD!

Red-Haired Boy, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Cherokee Shuffle, Angelina Baker, Forked Deer, St. Anne’s Reel (Over 2 hours.)

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These six songs are designed as stand-alone lessons—however, some are easier than others! Red-Haired Boy and Angelina Baker are very doable for the intermediate player. Whiskey Before Breakfast and Cherokee Shuffle are advanced-intermediate level, and Forked Deer and St. Anne’s Reel are solidly advanced.