Red and Christopher Henry: Flying High on Bluegrass - Folks, we have a special announcement. We are mighty proud to say that our new CD is available. Titled “Red and Christopher Henry: Flying High on Bluegrass,” it’s got 22 (yes, 22) fun songs and tunes for your entertainment.

Christopher and I included lots of father-and-son instrumentals, as well as plenty of popular and little-known Bluegrass songs. We also included a “Southern Gothic Art song” from our hero Gamble Rogers.

Many thanks for the vocal and instrumental help from family and friends, including Mike Johnson and Argen Hicks, Marshall Wilborn, cousin David McLaughlin, and the great Peter Rowan, who sings tenor on two numbers.

  • Track list:
  • 1. Soldier's Joy
  • 2. Never Again
  • 3. Your Selfish Heart
  • 4. Land of Lincoln
  • 5. When the Golden Leaves Begin to Fall
  • 6. Arkansas Traveler
  • 7. Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
  • 8. Old Joe Quark
  • 9. Angel Band
  • 10. Whistling Rufus
  • 11. The Tale of the Old 69
  • 12. Ross Brown Crossing the Southwest Bridge
  • 13. Black Mountain Rag
  • 14. I've Lived a Lot in My Time
  • 15. Coleman's March
  • 16. Linda Lou
  • 17. Forked Deer
  • 18. Hold Back the Waters
  • 19. My Father's Footsteps
  • 20. What About You
  • 21. Old Joe Clark
  • 22. Doris

All this for $15, satisfaction guaranteed!

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