Minor Chords - E minor? A minor? D minor? Where the heck are they on the banjo? How do I find them? And what about all the other minor chords? Where are they?

This video explains all that in Murphy’s down-to-earth teaching style. Which is to say, she makes it understandable. It’s everything you wanted to know about minor chords: how to find them and use them.

Taking four bluegrass songs with minor chords in the Key of G, Murphy explains the breaks at two levels: easy and more advanced. In the second half of the video, she shows you how to “transpose” all four songs from the key of G into the key of C, explaining four new breaks in C. Where to vamp the minor chords is also explained.

Amazing Grace, Sitting on Top of the World, Ride Me High, It’s a Lonesome Feeling. All songs taught in two keys: G and C. Vamping included. No tab.

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