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Old Favorites - Sometimes you just want to learn a nice simple break to a song that people will recognize. You'll find that, and more, on this DVD. From You Are My Sunshine and Wildwood Flower, which almost everyone knows, to the Reno & Smiley bluegrass standard Love Come Home, you'll find many jam-friendly songs here. And the boogie-woogie break we teach for Rocky Road Blues can be used on other bluesy songs as well.

Add some new classics to your repertoire with Old Favorites!

Although you don't have to learn the tunes in the order they are presented here, we do recommend it.

You Are My Sunshine / Rocky Road Blues (Boogie-Woogie) in G / Rocky Road Blues (Boogie-Woogie) in C / Uncloudy Day / Wildwood Flower (in G) / Love Come Home

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Gina Furtado: A Little Something For Everyone - Gina Furtado, heralded banjo player for Chris Jones and the Night Drivers and finalist for IBMA Banjo Player of the Year in 2018, teaches five tunes in the easy-to-learn Murphy Method style. Her explanations are clear and her brilliant tone shines through on every note. Intermediate and advanced players will push their playing forward after encountering Gina’s inventive approach to melody. Gina is a powerful young player who first learned to play banjo from Murphy Method creator, Murphy Henry. As always, every tune is taught note by note. No Tab. The first three lessons are well-known fiddle tunes; "Edelweiss" is, of course, from The Sound Of Music; and "Last Frost" is one of Gina's originals.

Chord and Right-Hand Exercises (intermediate), Angelina Baker (intermediate), Big Sciota (intermediate), Cold Frosty Morning (intermediate), Edelweiss (advanced), Last Frost (advanced) (over 2 hours)

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Red and Christopher Henry: Flying High on Bluegrass - Folks, we have a special announcement. We are mighty proud to say that our new CD is available. Titled “Red and Christopher Henry: Flying High on Bluegrass,” it’s got 22 (yes, 22) fun songs and tunes for your entertainment.

Christopher and I included lots of father-and-son instrumentals, as well as plenty of popular and little-known Bluegrass songs. We also included a “Southern Gothic Art song” from our hero Gamble Rogers.

Many thanks for the vocal and instrumental help from family and friends, including Mike Johnson and Argen Hicks, Marshall Wilborn, cousin David McLaughlin, and the great Peter Rowan, who sings tenor on two numbers.

  • Track list:
  • 1. Soldier's Joy
  • 2. Never Again
  • 3. Your Selfish Heart
  • 4. Land of Lincoln
  • 5. When the Golden Leaves Begin to Fall
  • 6. Arkansas Traveler
  • 7. Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
  • 8. Old Joe Quark
  • 9. Angel Band
  • 10. Whistling Rufus
  • 11. The Tale of the Old 69
  • 12. Ross Brown Crossing the Southwest Bridge
  • 13. Black Mountain Rag
  • 14. I've Lived a Lot in My Time
  • 15. Coleman's March
  • 16. Linda Lou
  • 17. Forked Deer
  • 18. Hold Back the Waters
  • 19. My Father's Footsteps
  • 20. What About You
  • 21. Old Joe Clark
  • 22. Doris

All this for $15, satisfaction guaranteed!

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Key of C & Beyond: Improvising in C & D -
Tired of using a capo? Tired of all your breaks sounding the same? Tired of not being able to play in D or E or F?

This DVD opens the door to playing in the keys of C, D, E, and F. First we show you how to do simple improvs in open C, no capo. Then step by step we explain how to add more complex licks to these breaks.

We are not "giving you a fish. We're teaching you to fish." Using simple songs and simple licks we teach you how to create your own breaks in C. In a jam. On the fly. When you have no time to think. We also explain how to play these same breaks in D, E, and F.

An amazing step forward in teaching by Murphy Henry, the creator of the Murphy Method.

Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Bury Me Beneath The Willow, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Worried Gal

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Scruggs-Style Fiddle Tunes - Some tunes lay out really easily on the banjo and some just don’t. These six popular fiddle and flatpicking tunes do NOT lay out particularly easily on the banjo. But over her years of teaching, Casey has developed these very playable, Scruggs-style arrangements, and her students have successfully learned them. If you jam with fiddlers or guitar and mandolin pickers who play these tunes you need this DVD!

Red-Haired Boy, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Cherokee Shuffle, Angelina Baker, Forked Deer, St. Anne’s Reel (Over 2 hours.)

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These six songs are designed as stand-alone lessons—however, some are easier than others! Red-Haired Boy and Angelina Baker are very doable for the intermediate player. Whiskey Before Breakfast and Cherokee Shuffle are advanced-intermediate level, and Forked Deer and St. Anne’s Reel are solidly advanced.




Minor Chords - E minor? A minor? D minor? Where the heck are they on the banjo? How do I find them? And what about all the other minor chords? Where are they?

This video explains all that in Murphy’s down-to-earth teaching style. Which is to say, she makes it understandable. It’s everything you wanted to know about minor chords: how to find them and use them.

Taking four bluegrass songs with minor chords in the Key of G, Murphy explains the breaks at two levels: easy and more advanced. In the second half of the video, she shows you how to “transpose” all four songs from the key of G into the key of C, explaining four new breaks in C. Where to vamp the minor chords is also explained.

Amazing Grace, Sitting on Top of the World, Ride Me High, It’s a Lonesome Feeling. All songs taught in two keys: G and C. Vamping included. No tab.

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Improvising in 3/4 Time (Waltz Time) - Do songs in ¾ time strike fear into your heart? What do you play, dear?

New from the Murphy Method, a solution to the waltz problem! Murphy shows you that three chords and a roll are all you need to play a very respectable break to any ¾ time song or instrumental.

On Amazing Grace, Angel Band, and White Dove (in G and C) Murphy gives you the tools you need to survive any ¾ time song a jam can throw at you. Everything taught by ear.

Amazing Grace, Angel Band, White Dove (all songs taught in easy and harder versions, in both G and C). DVD or Download





The second volume of Casey's Custom Christmas Collection brings together six more of Casey's custom banjo lesson and six new holiday favorites. Casey records and edits these lessons on her own computer, so the production quality is not as high as with the studio-recorded Murphy Method lessons, but the quality of the instruction is equal. These are stand-alone lessons, so you can tackle them in any order, but they are arranged easiest-to-hardest. With Away In A Manger, Hark The Herald Angels Sing, and Greensleeves (a completely different arrangement from the one on Volume 1) being beginner-level, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and Rudolph being intermediate, and Frosty being advanced.

Away In A Manger, Hark The Herald Angels Sing, Greensleeves, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty The Snowman

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